Statins or Veggies

Statins or Veggies

7 Jun 2017

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Statin drugs lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of atherosclerosis which causes blockages in the arteries. In doing this they inhibit the mitochondria in the body's cells so the liver cannot produce so much cholesterol. This can injure the liver, so the doctor monitors the liver enzymes to know if and when to stop the statin drug. Other cells besides the liver, such as muscle cells, have mitochondria which are also inhibited by statin drugs. Studies reveal that exercise does not increase muscle fitness as much when statin drugs are used compared to when they are not used. So the better way is to stop consuming cholesterol and free fats such as oil and margarine, and consume more fiber. How, you ask? Eat more unprocessed plant foods! They have no cholesterol or free fats, and are also high in fiber which helps remove cholesterol from the body. So, eat plenty of healthful veggies and give your mitochondria a break.

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