Black Hills Testimonies / Reviews.

Black Hills Health Testimonials and Reviews


Weight Loss

"I came to the center primarily to lose weight.  What I received was so much more.  I experienced a spiritual rebirth, got off oxygen, and lost 23 pounds.  Lots of hard work, and great results.  No longer use CPAP machine."

 Spiritual Healing

"Praise God for bringing me here! I knew it would be helpful, but didn't realize such changes would be so drastic in just 2 weeks. Was especially thankful for the help in spiritual/mental matters!"


"My goal in attending the Residential Lifestyle Health program was to see results in a relatively short period of time (3 weeks) which then would inspire me to continue on. That is exactly what happened and I am so motivated to turn my health and wellness completely around. I feel at least ten years younger and have more energy than I have had in many years. Thank you Black Hills Lifestyle Medicine Center staff for helping me change my life!"


“I feel amazing and am encouraged. Now I know what works, and feel like doing it. If I have a bad day, I just keep doing what I know to do, and choose to put the negative thoughts out of my head. I learned so much, especially about nutrition. My eating habits have really changed. I am even sleeping better.”

Feel at Peace

"We felt welcomed from the first moment we stepped off the plane. You all treated us like family, not like clients. You cared about our well-being - physical, emotional, and spiritual. The success of the program is evident to everyone who meets us."

 Another Changed Life!

Cheryl’s enthusiasm is contagious.  When I asked her if we could share her BHLMC experience if we changed her name, she said, “You don’t need to even change my name.  It’s a blessing to tell people what has happened in my life.   I’ve been telling everyone.”  When Cheryl came to the Center, she felt “defeated.”  “I couldn’t find any answers to my health problems.  I didn’t know what to do, or what to eat.”  She got off to a slow start. Soon after she got here, she had some muscular-skeletal issues that kept her from participating in the program fully.  Cheryl knew that she would have to do her best for the remainder of the session since she was battling type 2 diabetes, gastroparesis (from the diabetes), hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, obesity, fibromyalgia, arthritis,  and as a result of all the health issues, she was depressed.  She was on 13 medications to keep her health issues under control.   Once she got on her feet again, she made up for lost time!  By the time she left, she had lost 8 pounds, decreased or stopped 3 medications, decreased her depression score, and was able to walk 4 miles a day.  In speaking with her 10 weeks after she left BHLMC, I asked her what health issues had improved while she was here.  “My gastroparesis, diabetes, blood pressure, my attitude, everything improved.  My attitude is much more positive now.  I feel better about myself.”  She had lost about 30 pounds and felt great.  Her blood pressure was normal with no medication; She has been able to stop several other medications since she left.  Eating two meals a day is still her meal plan and is working well.  Since she was struggling with keeping up her exercise, she was going to meet with another Center alumnus in the area, and join an exercise class.  “I’ll be slim, trim, and racy!”  “My favorite things about Black Hills were the support from everyone—the staff and other guests; the devotionals we had in my room when I was sick were special.  I had a good time and would like to have part two.”

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