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Depression Recovery Program

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For more than 15 years Black Hills Health has been successfully giving people keys to experience freedom from depression and anxiety. Depression is a complex and multifaceted condition. Therefore we take a comprehensive approach, treating it from a total person perspective. Since we are three dimensional beings we address the causes of depression in all three aspects of our being; the physical, the mental and the spiritual/social. Literally every part of our program is designed to contribute positively to your healing and recovery from depression and anxiety.

While we approach freedom from depression and anxiety from a broad and comprehensive standpoint, we also work with you individually and personally, taking time to get to know you, to “hear your story” and address your specific and unique needs to speed your recovery to freedom from depression and anxiety. In addition to formal sessions to minister to your individual needs there is also opportunity to interact naturally—informally with both staff and other health guests which also tends to promote healing. Why not make your life changing decision today and find the freedom from depression and anxiety that you have been longing for but fearing could never be. There truly is abundant hope to become free from depression and anxiety. It can indeed be a reality for you! Check out below what is included in the program and give us a call.



  • Fireside Chats Relating to Depression Recovery
  • Morning Start Therapy Group Sessions
  • Individual Christian Counseling Sessions
  • Complete Health Improvement Program Curriculum
  • Personal Fitness Training Sessions
  • Group Exercise Sessions
  • Healing Plant Based Meals
  • Individual Visits with the Doctor*
  • Hydrotherapy Treatments
  • Therapeutic Massage Sessions
  • Swimming Pool Exercise
  • Private Bed Room with Private Bath 
  • Tranquil Country Setting
  • Half-Day Weekend Tours,
  • Laundry Facilities 
  • Courtesy Airport Pick-up and Return


We ask for a $300 deposit - this is your commitment to yourself that you are going to make these changes in your life and regain your optimal health.

The deposit is deducted from the total cost of the program.


At Black Hills we strive to keep our costs low to benefit our guests. We do not believe in hiding costs.  Our programs are comprehensive and all-inclusive, but if you choose additional services or we need to add anything to your account, we will discuss it with you first. The cost per day is only about $250, less than a good day’s vacation, and you will be receiving all the previously-listed services and spa treatments included in the program price.

We recommend the 20-day program, because it will be the most comprehensive in assisting you to establish your lifestyle changes and will give you enough time to reach your health improvement goals. But, if time or finances are limited, you may choose a shorter program.

You are welcome to discuss these options with our Guest Services Representative.


Program Length

1 week

(8 days)

2 weeks

 (13 days) 

3 weeks

(20 days)

Depression Recovery Program Cost

$2 ,199




Our base cost is for a private room, but a Queen or King Suite upgrade is available at a reasonable cost. Please check with our Guest Services Representative for upgrade availability.


1 week      

2 weeks 

3 weeks

Queen Suite




King Suite





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