Non-Medical Program

Non-Medical Program

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This program is designed for those patients who will not need monitoring by the medical team and will not require lab tests. You may be in relatively good health but have concerns due to hereditary diseases in your family. Or maybe some markers showed up on your last medical evaluation. What if you just want to put into practice all those wellness and longevity secrets that you have been seeing or reading about in the social media?

Black Hills Health is the perfect place to boost your metabolism and immune system. Our team of health experts and trainers will set you on the road to higher levels of fitness and vitality while enjoying a healthy vacation!


  • Transportation to and from airport or bus station
  • Comfortable private room with private bath
  • Nutritious, delicious plant-based meals
  • Free laundry facilities (detergent is provided)
  • Hands-on cooking classes are presented in preparing healthy meal
  • Free cookbook and water bottle
  • Relaxing massage treatments
  • Spa treatments such as: Infrared sauna, Russian steam and whirlpool baths
  • Personal Fitness Assessment
  • Individualized exercise program with a fitness trainer
  • Weekly trips to the Aquatic Center for low-resistance exercise
  • Private time with our Christian counselor
  • A wide variety of health presentations
  • 4 half-day sightseeing tours (20-day program): Mount Rushmore National Monument, Crazy Horse Monument, Custer Wild Animal Game Preserve, and Sylvan Lake


We ask for a $300 deposit - this is your commitment to yourself that you are going to make these changes in your life and regain your optimal health.

The deposit is deducted from the total cost of the program.


At Black Hills we strive to keep our costs low to benefit our guests. We do not believe in hiding costs.  Our programs are comprehensive and all-inclusive, but if you choose additional services or we need to add anything to your account, we will discuss it with you first. The cost per day is only about $250, less than a good day’s vacation, and you will be receiving all the previously-listed services and spa treatments included in the program price.

We recommend the 20-day program, because it will be the most comprehensive in assisting you to establish your lifestyle changes and will give you enough time to reach your health improvement goals. But, if time or finances are limited, you may choose a shorter program.

You are welcome to discuss these options with our Guest Services Representative. 

Program Length

1 week

(8 days)

2 weeks

 (13 days) 

3 weeks

(20 days)

Non-Medical Program Cost

$2 ,199




Our base cost is for a private room, but a Queen or King Suite upgrade is available at a reasonable cost. Please check with our Guest Services Representative for upgrade availability.


1 week      

2 weeks 

3 weeks

Queen Suite




King Suite






Each evening, Guests will receive under their door a schedule for the following day, customized to meet their needs. We attempt to create a balance between free time and adequate treatment and training periods.

 The following is a general idea of our daily routine:


Morning Start Therapy (inspirational thoughts)

Stretching exercises

Breakfast in the Main Lodge Dining Room

Individual appointments (Spa treatments, personal workouts, counseling)


CHIP or Health presentation

Dinner in the Main Lodge Dining Room

Nature Walk

Individual appointments


"Fireside Chat" (a variety of presentations by program staff)

Free time, then bedtime!

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